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Away Fans guide

An away fans guide, questions answered by Shakermav and Shakerite66 from Gigglane.com

Which pubs would you recommend to our fans to use during our visit to Gigg Lane?

Shakermav – I’d recommend the Staff of Life (3 mins walk) or the Social Club (at the stadium). Best pub however is the Swan and Cemetery, 10 mins walk to the stadium on Manchester Road. Good choice of proper beer and sunbathing tables available at both the front and rear.

shakerite66 – Swan and Cemetery on Manchester Road is frequented by most away supporters and is on the way from the Motorway.

Which pubs would you suggest we avoid for the duration of our visit?
Shakermav – None. Bristol Rovers fans won’t have any issues with ours. Friendly bunch us lot.

shakerite66 – None really as you shouldn’t find an ounce of bother.

What food do you serve at your ground? What is it like for away fans?
Shakermav – Pies and burgers, high in price and low in quality. The burger van outside the main stand is your best bet. Jumbo hot dog, if you want a recommendation. Alternatively, a chip butty at the Swan and Cemetery is never disappointing.

shakerite66 – A mixture of all the usuals but maybe more expensive than most.

What is your ground like?
Shakermav – Traditional yet modern with a hint of rust. It has seats, novelty for you lot, and an unrestricted view from the away end ; although it is from behind the goal. You will be on the receiving end of so witty, and some not very witty, chants from the noisy lot to your left.

shakerite66 – Past it’s sell by date but the pitch looks immaculate albeit heavily overwatered.

Is the ground easy to find?
Shakermav – With a Sat Nav yes. Hidden from Manchester road but you’ll soon see it when you turn onto Gigg Lane.

shakerite66 – You are best off leaving the M60 J17 and heading to Bury that way and you will find the Swan and Cemetery pub on your left . Ample free parking around there too.

Any suggestions of where the away fans can park?
Shakermav – Street parking is available around the ground, be careful to spot the restricted zones as these are enforced (trust me).

What do you expect from Bury this season?
Shakermav – I expect we will be a top 20 team, but not a top 4 team. I expect we will beat most of the mid to lower teams at home, of which I see Bristol Rovers as one. I also expect we will take a few hammerings away, like Sunday at Wigan, as we lack a little grit.

shakerite66 – We are a new team who are struggling for cohesion , Expect us to click into gear come October and force our way into a play-off berth.

If you could have one Rovers player who would it be?
Shakermav – Obvious one is Billy Boden, but I will go with Liam Sercombe because we already have too many ‘pretty’ footballers.

shakerite66 – rate Tom Lockyer from what i saw last season.

Who do you think will win the league and who do you think the dark horses could be?
Shakermav – I think Wigan will win the league, but I still expect Blackburn will push them close once they come to. Dark horses? Fleetwood, although you might call them ‘grey horses’, I think they will be top 4.

shakerite66 – Wigan should be unstoppable from what we saw yesterday and dark horses could be us or Oxford United.

Who would you say is you danger man/biggest threat?
Shakermav – Harry Bunn, will get more space playing at home (when not playing Championship opposition), and your full back(s) will be a little agitated by half time.

shakerite66 – Chris Maguire is a very good player whose being underutilised as we’re not playing to feet ,Harry Bunn will excite but he hasn’t yet.

Any key players missing for Saturday?
Shakermav – Yes, just the 6. The main one is Stephen Dawson, midfield enforcer you had the misfortune of playing against last season for Scunthorpe. He was the firm hand in a midfield full of fairies. Alex Bruce has been brought in to do his job for 4 months, but he only lasted 60 minutes on Sunday before looking like I would after 15.

shakerite66 – Dawson,Skarz. Edwards.O’Connell,O’Shea and maybe more as we lose one every other day. Not ‘soft tissue’ though

Shakermav – I expect we will batter you by 2 goals to 1.

shakerite66 – A tight affair and I expect you to start being upwardly mobile before long but a 1-0 victory to us feels about right at this minute.


Bury doesn`t have it`s own railway station with the closest options being Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria, both of which are approximately 8.5 mile south.

Metrolink Tram

Instead there is the Metrolink Tram system which serves the area of Greater Manchester and connects Bury to it`s larger neighbouring city of Manchester. From the Metrolink station known as the Bury Interchange, Gigg Lane is exactly 1 mile away which will take you around 15 – 20 minutes by foot.

Walking Instructions

Exit the station and continue to Haymarket Street
Turn left and follow this road straight until you reach the across the A58 junction
Proceed straight across onto Knowlsey Stret
Continue along until you reach the Manchester Road A56
Turn left, cross the metro tracks and follow until Gigg Lane stadium appears on your left hand side.

If you don`t fancy the walk then the 135 bus service which departs every 15 minutes from outside the Metro station can drop you off at Manchester Road which is at the bottom of Gigg Lane.


Bury`s stadium has the following address for satnav:

Gigg Lane, Bury BL9 9HR.

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