Date: 3rd May 2017 at 10:28am
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Bristol Rovers President Wael Al-Qadi took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions in an exclusive interview for Vital Gas.

Have you had any regrets since taking over at Bristol Rovers?
None whatsoever

What has been the high point and low point on the pitch since taking over at BRFC?
The high point this season on the pitch for me and for all Gasheads must have been the Chelsea away game. The low point was the 1-5 home loss to Charlton.

What has been the high point and low point off the pitch since taking over?
The high point is meeting Gasheads everywhere. The low point is the amount of time things take to accomplish in the U.K.

Are you finding it difficult allowing your head to make decisions rather than your heart as you appear to have become emotionally attached to the club?
So far the head and the heart have been in total harmony!

You have gone on record as saying that you are planning evolution rather than revolution. Does your planned evolution have a timescale?
I never like putting any timescales in football, just keep trying until we succeed.

Congratulations on securing the new training ground. In years gone by players have gone on record criticising the clubs training facilities. Once the new facility has been completed do you think it will help attracting new players as they spend more time there than the actual Stadium?
What I really hope it will help attract is local young talent into our academy.

Did you have any shocks or concerns that you weren’t aware of concerning the club following the takeover
Our team did a tremendous job with the due diligence so it was a smooth transition.

Travelling from Jordan must take its toll. Have you any plans to relocate you and your family to the UK?
My two younger kids are still in school so relocating them is not an option. However, I’m here, there, everywhere when needed!

The previous regime never appeared to manage to balance the books. Do you think that this is achievable or are some fans correct in saying, ‘All clubs lose money’ and then rely on owners to make loans which the club never seems to be able to repay?
It will take a lot of work, investment and time to turn the accounts around and we aim to do that.

Has being the owner of a Football Club changed your opinions of the professional game. What are the positives and negatives that you have discovered?
What has been bothering me so far is the unsatisfactory level I have found the refereeing to be at. It needs addressing with the authorities in my view.

How would describe your relationship with Darrell Clarke?

Many thanks to Wael for answering the questions.


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