Date: 17th February 2017 at 8:16pm
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You`d better believe it. We all know Matty Taylor came within an ace of leaving in the summer, but to jump ship at the last minute to our Bristolian rivals was low. No doubt Lee Johnson did it because he wanted to get his fan`s off his back, someone spilled the beans on the get-out clause and he could have a cheap pop at us. Well wake up Lee. It`s not worked, you are still prime relegation material and the home fans are still calling for your head. Karma would be for the City to get relegated and have to face us next season. What a laugh that would be. Doubt if Johnson will be around to see it.

I am also brassed off with the Evening Post or the Evil Post as most Gasheads refer to it. Recent headlines similar to 101 Good Reasons The Gas are not going up and U-Turn over Taylor complaint are not helpful. As paper circulation falls, it`s not a good marketing ploy to alienate 50% of your readers. Who knows what went on in the “high level negotiations between the clubs.” I hope we were able to land the metaphorical punch on the nose.

On the field Lumley has been an absolutely fabulous signing and the Sweeney is awesome. Partington has shown great promise and our defence is rock solid after taking on two of the best in this League and not found to be wanting. Our lack of goals is a concern but I doubt in the last two games if Matty Taylor would have made a difference. Not judging by his miss shown on the TV last week at least. Personally I do not blame any player for getting more money, but the manner of his departure has left a sour taste in the mouth. Shame after his brilliant goals per game ratio. If he was off anywhere other than Ashton most Gasheads would wish him bon-voyage.

Playing Stuart Sinclair higher up the field has been something of a revelation – as long as you don`t expect him to score. With the class of Chris Lines and the hard working Ollie Clarke then we are going to be a match for most teams.

DC seems to think Ellis Harrison leads the line well, but I still believe he is a better impact player. With both him and Gaffney defending for their lives on Tuesday night it was no surprise that we did not score. Billy Bodin looked way off the pace and Luke James was not in the squad. Christian Montano who looked so out of his depth against Bradford looked more comfortable against Sheffield United. Wonder if Easter might come back into the fold, much as Will Puddy has?

I see we have signed Bob Harris, previously with Sheffield United as cover for Lee Brown. Browner has been one of our top performers over the last 2 years, but it would be interesting to see someone else get a game there. Still if does n`t work out there, Noel Edmonds is available! I would also love to see Johnny Burns make his debut. Him and Ryan Sweeney seem to be cut from the same cloth.

Even after 2 clashes with top-of-the-table teams, there are no easy games at this time of year. We will struggle to make the play-offs unless we go on another strong run. Several teams have games in hand and our goal difference is poor. A few wins might inject a bit of enthusiasm into a waning season. So come on you Gas. There is only one time to be in the play-off places and that is the last week of the season.

Ryan Broom showed some promise when he came on against Bradford and it would be nice for him and Jamie Lucas to get some pitch-time. If we are not able to make the big money signings, I am happy for youngsters to get a hard-earned chance.

Onwards and upwards. We have had the doom and gloom. Now let`s roll up our sleeves and show what a bit of commitment to the cause can achieve. At worst we will finish mid table. Few teams have outfought us so far. The play off`s would be great but if we finish mid-table – so what? We have come so far in the past few years that a breather might not go amiss. Then perhaps Darrell and the Board can identify and secure the new talent needed for the next big push. Up The Gas!


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