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Vital Bristol Rovers caught up with Doncaster fan Rios and asked him a few questions.

Vital Bristol Rovers caught up with Doncaster fan Rios and asked him a few questions.

‘How has your season gone so far?’

Average, but not boring. We’ve got one of the highest wage bills in the division, have sacked our most successful manager ever and moved to a brand spaking new ground. Better than most seasons… just the on-field stuff hasn’t kept up.

‘How would you describe your recent form?’

Very poor. Injuries haven’t helped, especially with us missing our three first choice strikers.

‘Would you say you have exceeded expectations?’

Considering our embarresing pre-season slogan was ‘Destination Championship’ then no, we’ve flattered to deceive. On our game we’re unbeleivably good. The first half of the first leg of the JPT semi against Crewe was likened by Dario Gradi to be like Brazil. Unfortunately we can also be worse than any Conference side out there when not on our game.

‘Who have been your key players this season?’

Paul Heffernen and Jason Price. Our recent poor run of form has coincided with their injury inforced absence. Thankfully Heffs and hopefully Price are back tommorow.

‘Will any key players be missing out on Sunday?’

As above, Heffs will be back. Price is rated 50/50. Big Mark McCammon is definitely out though and we’ve only got one fit keeper.

‘How many fans do you think will make the journey to Cardiff?’

Er, probably the same as the amount of tickets we’ve sold… just over 18k

‘Would you say that the JPT is a distraction to the league?’

Massively. We just haven’t recovered from the semi 2nd leg on sky. It’ll be a nice consolation prize going to Cardiff but I’d still rather be sat in Oldham or Blackpools position in the last couple of playoff slots.

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