Date: 14th September 2007 at 4:48pm
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Vital Gas caught up with Leeds fan MightyWhiteSam for his views on tonight’s game

What would you say your current/preseason form has been like?
Our current season so far as been outstanding, but in our last game the defence was disgraceful, how can the attacking team be brilliant in the first half, and the defence play shit in the 2nd half, we should have finished pool off with 1 or 2 more goals, lets hope Dennis has kicked them up the ass for your Bristol.

Which players in your opinion will be the biggest threat to the Gas?
Kandol & Beckford are how top formed players at the moment, so if you have any chance against us you will after track them down. Your defence will ave there work cut out tonight.

Do you have any key players that will be missing from the game?
No key players missing, all coming back slowly, oh, I tell a lie, just our new Portuguese player who has to wait for international clearance.

If you could sign one Bristol Rovers player, who would it be?
Sorry wouldn`t want anybody from your team, like ours as it is nothing against your lot.

What are your strengths/weaknesses?
Strengths – Kandol & Beckford
Weakness – From last week, back four if not improved

Finally what is your score prediction for the game?
Bristol Rovers 0-1 Leeds, it will be a close game but we will win in final 10 mins with Kandol getting his 5th of the season.

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