Date: 30th September 2011 at 2:21pm
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By Simon ‘Sprout` Phillips

Hello again, I`ve finally sat down to write this on a Friday morning on my day off and I`m feeling rather irreverent today. I was up at 6am, I couldn`t sleep, I`ve done washing and tidying (How domesticated) and stared at a blank screen and didn`t know what to write. The chores at least give me an intro as I settle down with a Coffee and some Rugby. Not a big fan of Rugby, but it`s on, it`s a World Cup or something.

Anyway I write about football. We won and played quite well apparently. Buckle Out!, Something must be done! that`s right isn`t it?

For the Morecambe game Paul Buckle made a few changes to the team and in the main they seemed to work. Once again there was a change at Centre-half with Byron coming into replace Virgo. We just can`t seem to get a settled defence and a centre-half partnership that seems to click. Woodards, Bolger and Lee Brown all look more than good enough to me it`s just that other person to make the unit right. We are continuing to let in goals, and it`s bloody annoying. We certainly look like we can score plenty in any/most games. if only we good keep the ball out our net.

The washing machine beeped and I`ve had to put another load on the line. Best make use of the sunshine whilst it graces us with it`s presence. A welcome break that allowed me to think about the rest of this article and think of the important questions in life like “What is Rovers best midfield?” and “Why does my Girlfriends hair get everywhere?”

Sorry. Football. What is our best midfield? Personally I think Anyinsah is a must out on the right. He`s the best choice and just gives the team a proper balance. Of course I say he`s a must, but we need to keep him fit, I mean I wouldn`t send him out there on crutches or anything. That said he`s still be more useful than Dominic Blizzard ever was. I also thin Zebroski on the left is probably the best choice at the moment. I saw him there a couple of times in pre-season and he just looks more comfortable there. He also works up and down the line in a way Carayol doesn`t. Once again though it`s the centre midfield position s that seems to be a problem, in that no partnership is settled and it`s hard to tell which if any is the best. Gill is obviously the managers main man (or at least was) and it`s probably a question of who plays with him. Maybe the questions of these partnerships in defence and midfield will be answered in the coming months and/or the January transfer window.

Now the Rugby has distracted me. Why do every time I here the referee shout engage, I immediately picture Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the middle?

Um Rovers, yes. Up front I think we are fine. Harrold continues to do well as the main man, and I was glad to see Scotty McGleish up front with him against Bradford. This is where he needs to play and if he is rested we do have the option to change guys around. All three goals against Morecambe were great and showed that we can be dangerous from all positions, it`s once again keeping that ball out our net that is the big concern.

It was nice to see Cian Bolger score from a Rovers corner. Remember when we were told that the new training pitch was the same size as at The Mem for this precise reason. Around where I stand at The Mem, there has been a chant for years “We never score from a corner, score a corner!” Of course we do and we have, just not seemingly very often. Of course when we do score the lyrics are amended slightly before reverting back after the next supply of endlessly rubbish corners.

This weekend sees my cousin get married. Sorry I mean this weekend sees us entertain our feirce rivals Cheltenham Town and the return of a few ex-Gas. It will be good to see Steve Elliott again, I think most Gasheads liked him as a player and having shared a few drinks with him on a few occasions he was also a top bloke. It was sad to see him depart and it`s always more annoying when you think they could still have done a job for you. Hopefully the Cheltenham game will see us finally build on a win from the previous game, because at the moment the season is right there for the taking by anyone of the teams in the top half, and at the moment Rovers and the other teams are the proverbial consistently inconsistent.

I am looking forward to Saturday although I will be doing a lot of running around. I say I, I mean my girlfriend. I just get to sit in the passenger seat and look pretty. My Cousin gets married at 1pm not far from The Mem and I will make the quick dash to the game all tarted up to cheer on the boys, before getting home and tarting myself up again to go to said wedding reception. Hopefully there will be three more points for Rovers to make the day just that little bit better.

Make the most of this Indian Summer, and enjoy the lovely weather and Up The Gas! (Thinking about it perhaps the Indians should have come over now and played us at Cricket.


It`s my Birthday Saturday as well, so if anyone wants to give me a shout out at the game, please do (Hint, Hint 21 again)

Simon ‘Sprout` Phillips


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