Date: 9th March 2012 at 6:42pm
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Sprout is back with his excellent SFTW

Hi and welcome to this weeks latest Something for the weekend. This past week saw us pick up just the one point from six in the home game against Macclesfield and the disappointing defeat away to Northampton. Whilst I think we are pretty safe from the relegation places, we don`t want to many results like that and it certainly dents the chance of a respectable mid-table position given how the first part of the season went.

Personally I thought the Macclesfield game across as a bit ‘end of season` with not much of note really happening. We had the better chances, and more of the ball, but it all felt a bit flat. I don`t think it helped as we basically played 4-5-1 for most of the game and Matt Harrold didn`t really have a lot of support up front. I don`t particularly have a problem with the formation as such, but we don`t really have anyone in midfield who will drive forward and get on any knockdowns or past the front man. I was a little disappointed that young Shaquille Hunter didn`t get a little run out., given he was on the bench and the game wasn`t going anywhere. Hopefully if we get a few more points in the next few games, we will get a chance to see him. As for the game, on it`s own it was a solid point as we headed into Tuesday`s game against Northampton, where we would have hoped to have followed up with at least another, but alas?

We got off to what was a shocking start being 3 down after 20 minutes and it was always going to be difficult to get back from there. I wasn`t sure how we`d fair when I saw the team as I didn`t think the front line was going to offer much as was. If Anyinsah was isolated up top that position requires a lot of work, and I just don`t see how Joe can manage it. I don`t doubt he has ability, but he just doesn`t look fit enough to me with his injuries and is perhaps a little bit heavy because of this. However Northampton have the HUGE Adebayo Akinfenwa who has bad knees, can`t train properly because of it and could probably eat Joe Anyinsah as a light snack and he bossed our (or Leicester`s) young centre-halves about by all accounts and scored twice. Not sure if he scored with his behind either this time. It was good to see us mount a fight back in the second hald, but it was always going to be difficult to salvage something after the poor first half.


Late amendments to my column on this Friday morning as Rovers are submitting their UWE Stadium planning application. Some of the images look fantastic and it`s hard not to feel a twinge of excitement, but as always no matter how good the plans and how feasible the plan there is always that scepticism that it will not happen. Hopefully this is the first stage on great things to come and not the first step into headache after headache in trying to get everything into place. Personally I think the UWE proposal should be fine, it`s wanted by most parties and hopefully the consultation with nearby residents will allay any fears they have. As has been said before everything hinges on the proposed Sainsbury`s development without it no can do, so the time to get really excited will be if that gets passed without incident and delays.

This Saturday sees us travel to the English Riviera to take on Torquay in what will no doubt be another difficult game as they look to further cement their play-off position and perhaps even push for automatic promotion. I am looking forward to this game as it will be my first and probably last away trip of the season as I travel down with a car full ready to cheer on the boys to an emphatic three point. Obviously I won`t be driving as that will be left in the capable hands of Captain Phillips senior and the star ship Renault Megane. I love the town of Torquay and wouldn`t have minded going for the weekend if I wasn`t so busy at work and if I reckon I could have convinced my girlfriend to take in a couple of hours (and the rest) of footie. There should be a good crowd for that and as normal I expect there will be a few ‘Gas` in the home ends. With it being my only away trip of the season, I think next week`s something for the weekend will be in an old school Sprout and About style.

Whatever you are up to this weekend have a good one and I hope to see a few of you about in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon


Simon ‘Sprout` Phillips


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