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1) Can you remember your first Rovers game? v Chester in 1987. 2-0 down until Devon White popped up with two late goals to steal a point. Atmosphere was amazing, I was hooked for life….

2) Best moment of the season? The last minute!

3) Worst moment of the season? At York, we were winning easily but were dependent on results elsewhere. Someone got a message that Accy were one down and the word got out to great joy among the fans. I was in the home end and checked my phone. It said that Accy had taken the lead, not fallen behind. I wondered for a minute if it was a mistake but then saw that the away end had gone deathly quiet. 4-1 win felt like a heavy loss.

4) Which player/players if any would happily drive to a new club? None. There are some who are more on the periphery of the squad than others but every man that has been called upon has contributed in some away and has given his all. Can’t ask for more than that.

5) Which players realistically would you like to see Rovers sign in the summer? Leave that to Darrell as my knowledge of the type of players we need to bring in is not good enough!

6) Opinion on the new board? Playing their cards close to their chests at the moment. I am sure there will be big news around the corner and in many ways, a lot will be gleaned by how they back Darrell in this transfer window. Giving him a big new contract is hopefully a good sign of their intentions, as is the fact that he was willing to stay.

7) Opinion on Darrell Clarke? Hard to fault at the moment.

8) What did you make of Supporters Club Chairman Jim Chappells end of season statement? Like many, I was frustrated to hear him speak out so strongly over something so minor, when he seemed to have no major criticisms amid the chaos when the previous owner and board were in charge.

9) Who was your first footballing hero? Ian Rush

10) Do you have a second team? If so what is your reason? Leicester. My partner’s team and my son was born in the city and we spent the first year of his life there. We went out to see the open top bus ride for them winning the championship in 2013/14, when he was 9 months old. It feels unreal that they are now premier league champions.

11) What do you expect from Rovers in their first season back in League One? Anything’s possible but I am thinking that we will need to strengthen and it will take those players some time to bed in. Survival is very acceptable.

12) And Finally one person you could take on a dinner date? Can I take my son? He’s going abroad for two weeks with my partner to visit his granny soon. I can’t go as I am working and I know I will miss him terribly. Life is always better with him around!

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