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Can you remember your first Rovers game?
1. In a word, no! I made my first ‘appearance’ for the Gas at Twerton at just a few months old. The first game I have any recollection of was Wembley ’95 and I distinctly remember being absolutely terrified of the oddball in the row behind us who was dressed as a pirate. It took a fair few years before it clicked and I realised why he was wearing what he was!

2) Best moment of the season?
2. The moment Browner scored was IMMENSE. There’s no other word. But the moment the Accrington full time result filtered through, the ripple that became a deafening roar, that will stay with me for a very long time.

3) Worst moment of the season?
3. Conceding as late as we did away at Exeter was hard to take, compounded by the miserable weather and pathetic view. Hopefully we won’t be back at St James Park for a while (apart from pre-season when it will no doubt be gloriously sunny!) I can’t really think of too many low points though, not that I’m complaining!

4) Which player/players if any would happily drive to a new club?
4. I wouldn’t want to see the back of any of them to be honest. They’re obviously such a tight-knit bunch that I’d want to keep as much of the squad together as possible because if the last two seasons have taught us anything it’s that a real team is worth so much more than a collection of talented individuals. Having said that, I don’t think too much of James Clarke as a footballer and if Liam Lawrence desperately needed a lift elsewhere I’d be willing schedule permitting!

5) Which players realistically would you like to see Rovers sign in the summer?
5. Ollie Watkins at Exeter wouldn’t be a bad signing but I wouldn’t break the bank to get him. Kurtis Guthrie at Forest Green is another I wouldn’t mind us taking a chance on. He’s a horrible git on the pitch but on the three(?) occasions I’ve seen him against us he’s caused problems and I think he’d offer us a different option up front. Does Lambert count as a realistic signing?

6) Opinion on the new board?
6. Where to start? They seem to be talking the talk. Wael has come in and we’ve been able to breathe a collective sigh of relief as he’s paid off the MSP loan and any whispers of administration have disapated but it’s going to be so interesting to see what happens over the next year or so. I love his ‘evolution not revolution’ manifesto and I think he really has our best interests at heart but it’ll be interesting to see how they react if we do hit any snags or problems. I like Steve Hamer too, another who seems to know what makes us tick. I’m definitely optimistic.

7) Opinion on Darrell Clarke?
7. Legend.

8) What did you make of Supporters Club Chairman Jim Chappells end of season statement?

8. I said at the time that no open top bus tour could compare to the scenes on Gloucester Road after the game and I stand by that but I also understand how disappointed I would have been personally had I not been a part of the celebrations, or had I not been able to attend the game. A bus would have given many the opportunity to show their appreciation but as Hamer said it wouldn’t have been right to drag the team back if it would have caused issues for ANY of the players or staff as they’d definitely earned a break. I know it’s easy to say but if you missed out on the day the best way you can show your support and appreciation is at the first home game of next season. Jim probably should have said what he said in a different way as he did have a valid point.

9) Who was your first footballing hero?
9. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a hero but my username is a nod to the handle I used on the old ‘official’ forum, WalkingInAWalkerWonderland, which in turn was a nod to Richard Walker’s heroics the last time we were promoted to League One. I definitely had a soft spot for ‘Wolfman’ and was very disappointed when he left the club.

10) Do you have a second team? If so what is your reason?
10. No. I really can’t enthuse the same way as I do about Rovers. I’ve tried, and I often find myself wanting a side to do well over the course of a season or so (I was delighted Leicester won the Premier League, but then so was almost everyone else!) but it changes often and where 10 years ago I would have been happy to see Arsenal succeed I absolutely cannot stand them these days. It’s only Rovers for me and that will never change.

11) What do you expect from Rovers in their first season back in League One?
11. I have no idea. I’m hopeful but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see us struggle as football is funny like that. I think with the right additions we could be a threat as it looks like most of the squad will stick around for at least another season. I’d like to see us expand the backroom staff because I think the biggest difference in League One will be the quality of set ups behind the scenes and I’d imagine our coaching and scouting staffing has been kept to a minimum due to budget constraints previously!

12) And Finally one person you could take on a dinner date?
12. Rachel Riley :love:

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