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1) When did you become a Gashead and why? I became a Gashead well over 40 years ago,my dad took me along as a small boy and i have been hooked ever since.
All my mates that i grew up with and my school mates were all Gas.

2) What is your opinion on the season so far?TBH i never expected us to finish in the play-offs anyway, i don’t think the squad is strong enough.I predicted a top 10 finish,so anything else is a bonus really

3) Best moment(s) of this season so far?The win at Oxford stood out for me,the atmosphere was brilliant and the win just capped off a superb day.

4) Worst moment(s) of this season so far?Whimping out to ten man Barnet,that felt pretty bad.

5) Do you expect any arrivals before the loan window shuts and IF you could bring in a player or two, who (realistically) would you opt for?I like to keep my mind open,whoever we sign i trust the management.

6) What is your opinion of Darrell Clarke now he has been in charge for nearly two years?He has been a total breath of fresh air for this football club, i love him to bit’s.

7) Early days I know, but what is your opinion on Wael Al-Qadi
and Steve Hamer so far?
Very impressed with them both

8) What do you expect from the new owners and if you could give them one bit of advice what would it be?To build this club back up slowly and make us a force to be reckoned with.My advice would be to always listen to the fan’s and communicate.

9) If you could have one thing from the new owners, what (realistically) would it be?UWE

10) Now Nick Higgs has gone, what is your opinion on his reign as Chairman?He made a load of mistakes by appointing managers who were handing out silly contracts. He took his eye off the ball with regards to the Greens/Shamesburys fiasco but tbf was right royally shafted,so for that i felt sorry for him.

11) Where do you see us in 10 years time? Hopefully in a new stadium and maybe in the championship who knows,fingers crossed.

12) Favourite current player? Tom Lockyer.

13) Favourite former player/s?Micky Barrett,David Williams,Gary Penrice,Ian Holloway,Andy Rammell.

14) If you were stuck on a desert island with one person who would you most and least like it to be? Inna Shayk please, but knowing my luck it will be 24-7 with my missus.

15) And finally, have you looked where Jordan is on the map?Yes i knew where it was.

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