Date: 3rd March 2016 at 12:15pm
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Next up is Solent Pirate

1) When did you become a Gashead and why? 1974. Dad took me to Eastville as a 4 year old. Family are all blue.

2) What is your opinion on the season so far?Up until Friday pleasantly surprised but if honest expected mid table finish. Now, who knows!

3) Best moment(s) of this season so far?Friday obviously. Other than that just the continuation of the away form.

4) Worst moment(s) of this season so far?FA cup…in fact all cups…again.

5) Do you expect any arrivals before the loan window shuts and IF you could bring in a player or two, who (realistically) would you opt for?I would imagine so, but don’t know who. Hopefully DC will dip into non league and keep the team spirit going.

6) What is your opinion of Darrell Clarke now he has been in charge for nearly two years?He has done amazingly well under a huge amount of pressure. Different pressure now though to balance team spirit and fan expectancy. It will be expected to bring in bigger names…but will that work?.

7) Early days I know, but what is your opinion on Wael Al-Qadi
and Steve Hamer so far?
Obviously all appears great, both saying the right things,it could be amazing.
However, I still have a niggling feeling it’s all too good to be true…but that may be because I’m a Gadhead and used to not getting my hopes up!

8) What do you expect from the new owners and if you could give them one bit of advice what would it be?Expect stability and steady progress. My advice would be communication with the fan base, and take the opportunity to finally tap into the huge potential that is Bristol football.

9) If you could have one thing from the new owners, what (realistically) would it be?A fully paid for new stadium.

10) Now Nick Higgs has gone, what is your opinion on his reign as Chairman?On the field: Rollercoaster of emotions.
Off the field: Combination of bad luck, pig headed attitude, but good intentions.

11) Where do you see us in 10 years time?I want to say Premier League….Championship

12) Favourite current player? Tom Lockyer

13) Favourite former player/s?Wow! Smash & Grab, D Williams, Ollie, Animal, Randall, Billy Ocean, Hayles, Stewart, Roberts, Parkin….so many memories

14) If you were stuck on a desert island with one person who would you most and least like it to be?Holly Willoughby, Jeremy Kyle.

15) And finally, have you looked where Jordan is on the map?Wedged in an area of peace & tranquility!


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