Date: 30th July 2017 at 8:34pm
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Now that the Prediction League Winner has been decided we will start to distribute the winning T-Shirts for the monthly prizes.

Homer Simpson won the overall League with 120 points and won the new Official Bristol Rovers shirt, I will be in touch for size ETC. At the end of each month we work out who picked up the most points in that month and the winners get a Vital Gas T-Shirt.

Below is a list of winners, we will be in touch with you all shortly.

August – COYB with 17Pts
September – UpTheGas with 19Pts
October – Homer Simpson with 19Pts
November – Widnes Gas with 19Pts
December – UpTheGas with 19Pts
January – COYB with 17Pts
February – RussGas with 13Pts
March – Dons Gas with 19Pts
April – G4SH34D with 14Pts
May – G4SH34D with 15Pts


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