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Wembley: Sold Out

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Bristol Rovers have sold out of there play off final tickets.

Rovers will be playing Shrewsbury on May 26th in the League Two play off final. The 35,000 tickets that Rovers were allocated have sold out in just under 72 hours.

There may be another 5,000 tickets available on Thursday.

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Up The Gas


  • SweetLeftFoot says:

    I hope you go up,with support like that you deserve it.

  • pandapops says:

    What a nightmare is anyone having trouble getting through to SEE TICKETS as i havent seen mine yet and its getting rather close.

    I have tried calling them, but cant get through and it seems to be the problem for lots of gasheads.

    I’m not happy, what if i dont get the tickets in time? will there be a rep at the game with my ticket?

  • pandapops says:

    they still havent arrived and i wanted to leave very early tomorrow, now it looks as though i’m going to have to wait for the postie to arrive, and he does not usually get to mine til 10am on a sat

    I hate SEE TICKETS

  • pandapops says:

    The Royal Mail Driver has just arrived with them, and wished me luck for the game. I love my postie. He came at 2.30pm and said he didnt want to leave them in the office and risk me not going.

    Big Christmas tip for him this year, what a hero

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