Date: 31st July 2017 at 7:21pm
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1) What made you become a Gashead?

Dad took me and my older brother from as long as I remember.

2) Whats your first memory as a Gashead?

A faint memory of sitting in the South Stand at Eastville before the fire. Most early memories are of standing groups on the wall at the back of the South Enclosure. Also remember standing at the back of the North Stand waiting for autographs when we played West Ham the tear they were in the FA Cup final.

3) If you could bring back one Bristol Rovers player (in his prime) who would it be?

Paul Randall… My first Rovers hero!

4) Who in your opinion is the greatest ever Rovers manager?

Gerry Francis with Darrell a very close second. When DC bits the shit to win us promotion he will have my top spot!

5) Favorite current and former Rovers player?

Billy Bodin, Paul Randall

6) Your opinion on Darrell Clarke?

A legend

7) Your opinion on the new owners and Steve Hamer?

After years of poor communication and being led down the garden path the new owners are a breath of fresh air. Steve Hanmer?? Juries out…

8) Which player if any would you like to see leave Rovers this summer?

No one.

9) What do you think we need in the transfer window?

Quite happy with the way the team is shaping up to be honest. Another striker, another creative midfielder perhaps.

10) In your opinion will the New Stadium happen?

Yes. I’m confident the wait will be worth it.

11) Who was your first footballing hero?

Paul Randall. I remember the day he signed for Stoke. My Dad called me into the living room to see it on the news. I was devastated!!

12) What do you expect from Rovers this season?

Play offs at least.

13) And finally, your stuck on a desert island. You can pick one person to be with, who would you choose?

The Wife!! And if she doesn’t read this Paul Weller!! 😀

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