Date: 1st July 2017 at 3:55pm
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1) What made you become a Gashead?
Went to a An Evening Post Firework Display as a 7 year old, was in awe of Eastville Stadium that led me on to becoming a gashead.

2) Whats your first memory as a Gashead?
Around 1972, the diverse nature of the fans on the tote, as a 12 year old had a lasting impression on me, more than the football to be honest!.

3) If you could bring back one Bristol Rovers player (in his prime) who would it be?
Archie Stephens, peaked late and gave it his all.

4) Who in your opinion is the greatest ever Rovers manager?
Don Megson, Dark days with a loyal 5,000 fan base cheering his name, probably not the best, but in my eyes was the greatest.

5) Favourite current and former Rovers player?
Billy Bodin, Mr Happy Feet, with the right coaching could go onto a higher level.

Rickie Lambert, the Goal in the FA Cup against Southampton nearly bankrupted me in my local bar in Taiwan, was one of a few FA CUP games shown live on Taiwan National TV.

6) Your opinion on Darrell Clarke?
Hands on, feet on ground, great manager who can and will only get better.

7) Your opinion on the new owners and Steve Hamer?
Wael is an astute business man and a football fan, I think rovers are a big part of his future plans, but I think ultimately we are a toe in the water so to speak.
As for Steve Hamer, not sure yet, time will tell.

8) Which player if any would you like to see leave Rovers this summer?
Wow, first time in many a year I cannot think of any player that particularly deserves the boot, but, I hope Luke James stays away.

9) What do you think we need in the transfer window?
Strikers x2

10) In your opinion will the New Stadium happen?
No, not a chance.

11) Who was your first footballing hero?
Gordon Banks

12) What do you expect from Rovers this season?
Top 10 nothing more.

13) And finally, your stuck on a desert island. You can pick one person to be with.
Male : Archie Stephens, because I was, and we had a great time!.., no, wait, sorry!, I mean my wife!!!.

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