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Here is a summary of the players representing Bristol Rovers in this years Great Bristol Fans Derby.

Mat James, Goalkeeper, Age 18.

Member of forum derby committee and ever present for the forum side this season, and is one of 12 players in the Rovers side making their Bristol Fans Derby debut appearance at Ashton Gate this evening.

.2.Simon Matthews, Defender age 38
Radstock Gas

Another forum derby committee member, Simon helped Rovers to record a second win at the Memorial Stadium last May. Simon may dress like a tramp, however, he says he lives in a real house, with real walls. The walls most probably don?t have any clocks hanging from them as Si is always late for everything- See you at halftime Simon.

3. Richard Gregory, Defender, Age- 20

Richard is also making his BFD debut this year. He and Mike Greenhill are the forum sides Laurel and Hardy, never far away, always sat together in changing rooms, always turn up for games and training together. The only thing we cant decide is which one is supposed to be Laurel and which is Hardy. Its scary.

4. Mark Revill, Defender- Prehistoric

One of the older players in the team, Mark has played football in Germany whilst working in that country in his younger years. Rob also remembers vividly the birth of Christ, the discovery of the Americas and was once shocked to discover the world is actually spherical.

5. Robert Bayliss, Defender, Age- Stone

Rob is another new face to the BFD this season and has been a key player in getting tonights event on. Rob logs onto the forum with the name ?Monkeyhead? If ever a forum name was suitable, then that is the one.

6. Aaron Watts, Midfield Age 17
Holloways Barmy Army.

Along with Simon Matthews, Dave White, and Chris Watkins, Aaron is one of only four players in this Rovers side who featured at the Memorial Stadium last season. Despite being one of the youngest in the side, Aaron is also one of the tallest. He is best used before

7. Dave White- Forward- Age 17
Whitey Gas

Spitting image of former Rovers striker Paul Tait, City fans wont want reminding that it was Paul, err, I mean Dave, who scored a last minute winner for Rovers last season. Dave could also be mistaken for former Emerdale character, Marlon Dingle, who could co-incidently, be confused with Paul Tait.

8. Ben Wiltshire-Midfield- Age 23

Another BFD rookie, Ben is actually one of the older players in the squad at just 23 years old.

9. John Filiter Forward age 35
Posset Gas

Experienced front man, who hasn?t experienced the BFD yet. John is one of two players in the side hailing from Portishead and has visited 72 league grounds following the Rovers over the years.

10. Chris Watkins- Forward- Age 20

Chris begged me not to make fun of him in this section, so instead I shall put that he loves his girlfriend, Lucy, very very much and also to say hello to his mum, Jackie, who will also be here to watch.

11- Adam Craig- Midfield- Age 18
Monmouth div of BRFC

Adam failed his McFly tribute band audition and has turned to playing for the forum side. However, his McFly style hairdo suggests that he still holds some ambition of joining a band and becoming the face on posters free inside smash hits magazine.

12- James Goodlet Defender- Age 18
Gashead 55

James works in a leisure centre as a lifeguard. His childhood hero was David Hasslehoff and so James wanted a career rescuing people. According to James, Bradley Stoke leisure centre isn?t as glamorous as Baywatch was on TV, but the over 65?s lane swimming is the highlight to any week.

14- Mike Greenhill- Midfield- Age 20
Greenhill No1

See Richard Gregory.

15- Ben Williams- Midfield- Age 20
Portishead Gas

The second Portishead based Rovers player in the squad appeared as a reserve in last years Fans Derby, and so will be relishing the chance to play this time around. Ben has a flash haircut and fashion accessory football boots.

16- Kier Underhill- Defender- Age 23

Famed for wearing a bobble hat for the whole duration of any football match in which he plays in, Kier will be trying his best to impress and win Man Of the Match to ensure that somebody buys the beers in for him.

17 Gareth Ball- Midfield ? Age 21

Gareth is a dead ringer for Frank Lampard and could probably earn a few quid pretending to be him (as long as he doesn?t kick a ball) and could do well with the ladies. Instead, Gareth is single and works as a manager at ASDA.

Further details of the event can be found on the BFD website www.bristolfansderby.co.uk or email advertising@bristolfansderby.co.uk for donations and advertising.

Great Bristol Fans Derby,
Ashton Gate Stadium,
Thursday 20th April 2006,
Kick Off 7pm,

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