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1)Can you remember your first Rovers game?

My first Rovers game was Mansfield away. A couple of my mates played in the old fans forum team and needed a player so I agreed. Stupidly I agreed without knowing how far away Mansfield was and only a passing interest in Rovers back then.

We got absolutely smashed by their fans forum team something like 7-1, but they were nice about it and put a spread on in the pub after so I couldn’t be that annoyed with them.

At the game I remember being very unimpressed with their stadium and how few home fans there were. I was also unimpressed when they announced the fans forum game score at half time.

I THINK we won 1-0 thanks to a Rickie Lambert goal, but it was down the other end and I couldn’t make it out very well. I remember being very impressed with him on the day and thought he could play at a higher level.

All in all a good day out, but I didn’t get hooked on watching Rovers until a few years later.

2)Best moment of the season?

Lee Brown tapping in against D&R hands down. I nearly cried when it went in and hugged the woman who sits next to me. I honestly think I would have planted one on her lips if her husband hadn’t been sat next to her.

3) Worst moment of the season?

Losing 4-1 against Newport. We were abject and a few defensive mistakes meant we got a bit of a pasting. Only highlight of the game was Billy Bodin’s great strike.

4) Which player/players if any would happily drive to a new club?

Liam Lawrence. He seems like a nice enough bloke, but I don’t think he is right for us and I have been underwhelmed by his performances. The free kick he scored aside I don’t think he has done anything for us.

5) Which players realistically would you like to see Rovers sign in the summer?

Greg Wylde from Plymouth. I rate him massively and he is out of contract this summer (although he’s been offered a new contract). He is quick, skillfull, can cross and can score goals.

6) Opinion on the new board?

They have made all the right noises so far. Not promising the moon, talking about ‘evolution not revolution’ and investing in youth are all things the fans want to hear.

The things they have done like sprucing up the bar, the new scoreboard, upgraded loos are all little things we can do while we are still at the Mem.

That said I’m reserving full judgement until the ground is broken at UWE and we’ve seen how much they are willing to back DC when he informs them of his transfer targets.

7) Opinion on Darrell Clarke?

Best signing of the summer was getting him on a new deal. I think without him the momentum we have garnered with back to back promotions would be lost without him.

I think he will be a premier league manager one day (heard it here first) and hopefully that is with Bristol Rovers.

8) What did you make of Supporters Club Chairman Jim Chappells end of season statement?

I don’t know all the background with BRSC and the old board and everything so I wasn’t one of the ones who were outraged that he didn’t speak out against the old board like he did in his notes against the new.

That said I thought it was odd to use his notes to raise issues that I thought were handled behind closed doors with the board. It was all a bit tit for tat when Steve Hamer came back in the post and gave him a verbal backhand, but I’m sure it’s all a storm in a tea cup.

It is a very interesting time for BRSC with the new board. The SC are going to have to have a good look at the function they are there to fill and a lot of that will be dictated by the new board.

It could be an exciting few months and years for the SC as they reorganize and shape their new focus if it does change.

9) Who was your first footballing hero?

Peter Schmeichel! I used to play in goal and I idolised him. I got given the greensleeves goalie shirt when I was a kid and I LOVED it!

10) Do you have a second team? If so what is your reason?

Plymouth Argyle are my second team. They got my into watching live football. I went to uni there and watched them back when they were in the Championship pushing for the prem. They had some quality players like Ebanks-Blake, Buzacky, Timar, Wotton, Halmosi, Banton, Larrieu, etc. Jermain Easter may have been there back then, but I’m not sure.

11) What do you expect from Rovers in their first season back in League One?

Top half I reckon, maybe a top seven push if we’re lucky.

12) And Finally one person you could take on a dinner date?

Wael hands down. He can pay though!

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