Date: 10th March 2016 at 2:03pm
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Up next is Dr Gas

1) When did you become a Gashead and why? My dad was a bus conductor at Eastville depot, so when he got a football special it was at the Rovers ground. My first game was 7th April, 1962. Rovers beat Newcastle 2-1 with two goals by Harold Jarman. He has since told me that they were both headers. If you ever saw ‘aaarollldddd play then you will know why that stuck in his memory: 🙂 He very rarely headed the ball, let alone score with his head, so he would definitely remember two headed goals in one game.

2) What is your opinion on the season so far?Better than I expected and I hope there is even better to come.

3) Best moment(s) of this season so far?The takeover.

4) Worst moment(s) of this season so far?Accrington doing the ‘double’.

5) Do you expect any arrivals before the loan window shuts and IF you could bring in a player or two, who (realistically) would you opt for?I would like to see an out and out winger brought in. I am sure there must be some Premier league clubs who have such a player they would let go on loan or there are some who Darrell is aware of in the lower divisions or even non league. He has not done badly with his signings so far.

6) What is your opinion of Darrell Clarke now he has been in charge for nearly two years?I love his managerial style. No getting carried away, win or lose…..although he is more animated when we lose, which I also like.

7) Early days I know, but what is your opinion on Wael Al-Qadi and Steve Hammer so far?They are saying the right things. Softly, softly, catchy monkey, not promising to throw cash about.

8) What do you expect from the new owners and if you could give them one bit of advice what would it be?To get to understand what being a Gashead is all about and take that into account when building the club. Stay true to our roots as much as possible.

9) If you could have one thing from the new owners, what (realistically) would it be?A new stadium with room to add on if/when we climb the leagues. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that Bristol could not support a Premier League team
. We are a bigger city than Leicester and have a larger catchment area for instance and look what they have achieved. Hopefully this is what they have seen.

10) Now Nick Higgs has gone, what is your opinion on his reign as Chairman?Too egotistical.

11) Where do you see us in 10 years time?Hopefully in or around the Premier League

12) Favourite current player?Sincs: He epitomises the Gas spirit.

13) Favourite former player/s?Too many to mention really but here are some: Geoff Bradford. Smash and Grab. Mickey Barrett. Bernard Hall. Neil Slatter. ‘aaarrrooolld. Alfie Biggs. Bill Roost (as a mate, as I did not see him play – I played bowls with him- he was such a character). Wayne Jones. Archie Stephens. Bryn Jones. Trevor Jacobs (all of the 73/74 team really). Frankie Prince. Nigel Martyn. Gary Mabbutt. Ricky Lambert. Bobby Jones. Vaughan Jones. Phil Bater. Tony Pulis. I am sure I have forgotten some but I reckon that is enough to carry on with 🙂

14) If you were stuck on a desert island with one person who would you most and least like it to be?Is this supposed to be a Rovers related answer? 😉 If yes, then most would be Darrell Clarke, to discuss his football philosophy; Least would be Angus Nutt: a shed of the lowest order. if not, then: Most would be a certain young lady I know; Least would be Tony Blair. I would never know when he finished a sentence as he pauses so much when talking (crap).

15) And finally, have you looked where Jordan is on the map?I did not need to. I already knew.


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