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1) When did you become a Gashead and why?

The first game was in December 1956, when we beat Port Vale 2-1. My brother, who was 15 years older than me, took me down to Eastville and explained to me how much more superior Rovers and Geoff Bradford were to City and John Atyeo. Enough said!

2) What is your opinion on the season so far?

I think it`s been a great season up to now and hopefully there`s more to come.

3) Best moment(s) of this season so far?

Winning at Oxford, Rory Fallon`s Haka and the takeover announcement 2 weeks ago.

4) Worst moment(s) of this season so far?

Watching the Barnet and Portsmouth away defeats and hearing that Geoff Dunford is back involved with the Rovers.

5) Do you expect any arrivals before the loan window shuts and IF you could bring in a player or two, who (realistically) would you opt for?

Not expecting any, but I`m very reassured that one new ‘signing` is
the guy who oversaw the Wembley rebuild, although he has admitted
that the new ground might be a ‘bit` smaller than Wembley.I`d quite like to see Rickie Lambert back if he`s available.

6) What is your opinion of Darrell Clarke now he has been in charge for nearly two years?

He`s really done well. I felt sorry for John Ward, who quickly disappeared after our relegation, but Darrell has proved to be very
effective at identifying players and formations to win games, especially following defeats.He`s got a team, half of which, had very little league experience into a challenging position. Not a man for bull_ _ _ _!

7) Early days I know, but what is your opinion on Wael Al-Qadi and Steve Hammer so far?

If nothing else, a football fan needs to be able to dream. Darrell has given us our team back and Wael`s arrival means that anything is possible!

8) What do you expect from the new owners and if you could give them one bit of advice what would it be?

A gradual improvement in everything. Give the fans a chance to be involved with the new stadium – buying seats or suggesting ideas for photos, names, themes and images. Maybe give the fans the opportunity to buy new shares in the club.Design the buildings on the perimeter of the ground to look more like a castle/palace than a plastic and concrete supermarket – a bit like Anfield or Villa Park.

9) If you could have one thing from the new owners, what (realistically) would it be?


10) Now Nick Higgs has gone, what is your opinion on his reign as Chairman?

I think he did well.He made sure that the club survived after relegation, he seemed to give Darrell what he needed at all times, he got further than previous chairmen in acquiring a new stadium and he has secured the deal that gives all Rovers` fans hope.

11) Where do you see us in 10 years time?

In a new ground and above the City. Anything else is a bonus.

12) Favourite current player?

Steve Mildenhall – he was always there, helping during pre-match
preparations when not in the team and has played well since his recall. He`s definitely the best Rovers keeper in the last 2 years!

13) Favourite former player/s?

Geoff Bradford, Alfie Biggs, Dai Ward, Harold Jarman, Alan Warboys, Bruce Bannister, Gary Mabbutt, Ian Holloway, Devon White, Ian Alexander, Rickie Lambert etc etc

14) If you were stuck on a desert island with one person who would you most and least like it to be?

Most – John Lennon or George Harrison

Least – Thatcher

15) And finally, have you looked where Jordan is on the map?

To be honest, no!

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